Josef Zook


Published Works


Cool Gear: Vol. 1

Absurdist zine, limited edition printing

Absurdist zine, limited edition printing

Als  Men  Shop

A free verse written piece + artwork on an obscure Brooklyn-based store, this article ran in "n0thing magazine - editi0n I". 

n0thing editions are bi annual publications showcasing the diverse work of contemporary artists in a limited numbered, multi printed, unbound format reflecting the assorted nature of the content featured.


Baseball  For  Dinner


A veritable 'landfill of content', Joe founded Baseball For Dinner as a catch-all platform for a motley band of collaborators to work out their writer's block and inspire and amuse one another. Nine years later, the blog features 500 posts and has welcomed nearly half a million readers.

Established in 2009, rings in its 9th year of publication with a shocking twist: for the first time, the creative braintrust of BFD has pivoted to writing about baseball in earnest (sort of). Join them as their wins above replacement plummet!


Coze and the Rumble In the Broncos

A novella written by the Baseball For Dinner collective,
"Coze and the Rumble In the Broncos" is a harrowing and hilarious tale written tongue-in-cheek in the style of the pulp dime store novels of yore.

With each and every chapter penned by a unique contributor, the troupe's collective asininity is elevated from short fiction to long form in this voracious page-turner.

Available for purchase on Amazon, and nowhere else books are sold!