Josef Zook

Production Services


As a director, producer, writer and editor of numerous narrative films, documentaries, corporate interviews and live event films and music videos, Joe administers an expert eye in his approach. Tripod, dolly, jib or handheld, from studio to live and frenetic environments, he combines composition and shooting fundamentals with personal artistic touch in shooting for the edit.

  • Run-and-gun shooting

  • Travel & Documentary

  • Interview & Testimonial

  • Music & Live Event


Controlled, thoughtful, and well-motivated lighting is the single most important distinction between amateur and professional video. Joe applies his education in narrative filmmaking and professional experience in the lighting and camera departments of films and documentaries to any and every shooting environment.

  • Tungsten, HMI, & LED Kits

  • DIY, Practical, & Budget-Friendly Lighting

  • Interview, Product, & Location Lighting

  • White Cyc and Black Infinity

  • Gaffer & Grip Equipment & Rigging


Since 2007, Joe has worked on set in the Lighting and Camera, Transportation, and Production departments of Feature Films, Network Television, Documentary Features, Indie Shorts, and Web Series. He is skilled and conversant in set operations and industry parlance and equipped to crew Non-Union shoots large and small.

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